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426 Restoration Hemi

NOTE: This Stock appearing engine can be built in a 426 CI, 485 CI or 500 CI Package. This engine type offers improved performance and drive-ability all at the same price. All engine packages feature CNC ported heads.

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Parts List

Block: P5249804 Hemi Rough Bore (Standard Water Jackets)
Frost and Block Plugs: P5249259
Cam Bearings: Clevite 77 SH876S
Fuel Pump Rod: P5249569
Heads: STAGE V Aluminum (major upgrade with high flowing ports) * CNC Ported *
Head Bolts: FHO Custom Heavy Duty
Head Hardware: P5249570
Valves: Manley 11904B-8 2.25" Stainless Intake with Bead Lock
  Manley 11315B-8 1.90" Stainless Exhaust with Bead Lock
Guides: Bronze Alloy
Seats: Hardened
Springs: CC925-16
Valve Spring Cups: CC#4700-16
Retainers: CC#741-16
Locks: Manley 13190-8, 307.5" Bead Lock Exhaust; Manley 13191-8, 308.5 Bead Lock Intake
Seals: CC509-16 Viton
Valve Spring Shims: CC#4751-16
Lash Caps: Ferrea Racing C10006
Crankshaft: P5249207 3.75" Stroke Full Radius
Oil Slinger: P5249636
Front Damper: P5249699 Thick
Crank Bolt: P5249556
Windage Tray: P4120998
Oil Pan: P4529884 70-71
Pickup: P4529567 70-71
Rear Seal Retainer Package: P4529732
Pan Bolts: P4120613
Oil Pump: P4286590 High Volume
Oiling System: Internal
Valvetrain Oiling: Chrysler
Intermediate Shaft: P3571071 Heavy Duty
Shaft Bushing: P1737725
Main Bearings: MS-896: F-77 Trimetal
Rod Bearings: CB527H F-77 Trimetal
Timing Chain: FHO 9 positon Billet Roller
Timing Cover: P4349816
Timing Cover Bolts: P4452795
Cam Bolts: FHO Heavy Duty
Camshaft: Competition Cam Hydraulic Flat Tappet; .502-.486-227-227-108
Lifters: CC 824-16 Hydraulic
Push Rods: FHO Custom 3/8" H.D.Heavy Duty
Rockers Chrysler Forged - Rockers Ratio'd with oiling mods, Optional Stage V Roller Rockers
Rocker Adjuster: Manton 3/8" H.D.
Rocker Stands: FHO Heavy Duty Aluminum Rocker Stands with improved oiling
Chrome R. Shafts: Intake P5249631 x (2) Exhaust P5249632 x (2)
Rocker Shaft Springs: P4452827
Rocker Arm Spacers: P3690896
Rocker Oiling Lines: N/A
Intake: Mopar Performance Inline 2x4 Dual Plane
Intake Valley Cover: P4529431 Manifold Heat Shield
Intake Bolt Package: FHO
Rockers Covers: P4529338 Chrome or Optional P4510577 '70-'71 Black
Rocker Cover Studs/Nuts: P4529897
Hemi Plug Tubes: FHO Spun Aluminum
Plug Tube Seals: N/A - Integral with STAGE V Heads
Pistons: Keith Black Hypereutectic #210
Pins: 1.03" full floating
Rings: Total Seal CR9190
Connecting Rods: Eagle or Manley 6.86 H-beam Steel Rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts
Gasket Set: P3412083
Head Gasket: Steel
Fuel Pump Plate: P4529404
Balancing: Internal balance FHO
Spark Plugs: Champions RN9Y's
Oil: Amsoil 20W50 synthetic
Filter: Amsoil #15

Custom Centari