HEMI Engine Packages

FHO 590/604 Street Hemi Package

For those customers wanting the largest and most powerful street hemi engines, we have what you are looking for. These engines have all the same features as our 572’s, with the most notable changes being the use of Callies Billet rods and longer stroke crankshafts.

The super high quality of these components limits flexing with the extra stroke and power these engines produce. They can be detailed to look OEM stock or for a more race appearance.

Short Block- See Block Prep for machining operations.

“I bought my FHO Hemi from Tim in 2015. I can drive my 69 Road Runner anywhere, on pump gas, and then go to the track and click off 10.00@134mph quarter mile runs. It idles like a family car and makes well over 750 HP. I could not be more pleased with my FHO Hemi.”
Joe Segreti - FHO 572 Street Hemi

Hemi Engine Block

HEMI Engine Options

  • Chrysler 4.50” Siamese Bore Cast Iron
  • Indy FHO Spec Aluminum with thick sleeves
  • Keith Black Aluminum (when available) FHO Custom Order w ½” head studs
  • HP Performance Aluminum with 6 bolt mains
  • Block Hardware-FHO Stainless
  • Cam Bearings Durabond PDP 17T Coated
  • Fuel Pump Pushrod (iron block as required) Custom FHO
  • Rear Seal-Viton
  • Rear Seal Retainer- Billet
  • Crankshaft- 590 Callies Magnum Forged 4.625 Stroke
  • Crankshaft- 604 Callies Magnum Forged 4.750 Stroke
  • Main Bearings MS1277HG (Wide Thrust) Coated
  • Rods- Callies 7.100 Billet w ARP New Generation Bolts
  • Rod Bearing CB743HNDK Coated
  • Pistons- Custom CP Forged. New design. Features revised dome, high tech ring combination.
  • 30hp gain over our previous FHO ring package.
  • Pins- CP .990” x 2.930” with double spirolox
  • Rings – Total Seal .043” Tool Steel Top/Napier 2nd
  • Internal Balance
  • Camshaft- FHO Tight Lash Street Solid Roller.Cams are Custom ground to specs to meet requirements.
  • Above engineered with high tech lobes that are easy on valve train components. Designed for low spring rates.
  • Cam Button- CompCams
  • Timing Chain- FHO Billet Roller
  • Oil Slinger- Chrysler P5249636
  • Timing Cover- P4349816AB
  • Harmonic Damper- ATI917122E 3 Ring SFI Approved
  • Damper Bolt- ARP145-2503
  • Roller Lifters- Competition Cams 829-16 Solid
  • Optional Crower and Jesel available.
  • Pushrods: Custom Manton 3/8”
Hemi Engine Block

Oiling System

  • Oil Pump Options
  • Cast Iron Blocks- Modified HV Melling with either internal or external single line oiling system
  • Aluminum Blocks- External Single Line System
  • Milodon Aluminum HV Oil Pump 21815
  • Oil Pump Gasket- Cometic
  • Oil Pump Drive- Milodon 21523 with bronze gear
  • Oil Pan Gaskets- Cometic
  • Oil Pan- Milodon Road Race 31581 (other pans optional)
  • Oiling System Configuration- External #12 Single Line most effective. Internal system optional with cast iron blocks
  • Dipstick- Milodon 22070 (Required to clear most headers)
Hemi Engine Block

Heads and Related Valve Gear

  • Head Gaskets- Custom FHO Cometic Multi-Layer .045”
  • Head Studs- ARP 7/16 or 1/2 inch as block requires
  • Heads- FHO Custom Spec CNC Stage V Race Castings
    These heads have superseded the very good Stage V replacements previously used on our engines. Major changes include upgraded aluminum C355 alloy (stronger and more stable than commonly used 356), a more robust casting design, bronze alloy seats, along with O-ringed intake flanges, obsoleting the troublesome gaskets.
    These are absolutely the best street hemi heads you will find.
    Note: all FHO engines feature CNC ported heads. See head section for details.
  • Valves- FHO Custom Stainless 2.30” Intake/1.90” Exhaust
  • .310” Stems with .250” Bead Lock Tips
  • Valve Spring Seats- Custom FHO for beehive springs
  • Valve Seals- FHO Viton Positive Contact
  • Valve Springs-Custom Beehive (surface enhanced)
  • Other spring combinations optional
  • Valve Retainer- Custom FHO 10 Degree
  • Locks- FHO Locking Lash Cap System. Failsafe protection for valve tips. Provides larger working surface for any type of rocker with built in lash cap. Only offered at FHO
  • Rocker Stands-FHO Custom Billet- New Improved Design 20% stronger than previous models.
  • Rocker Shafts-FHO HD Standard/Optional Manton Thick Wall
  • Rockers- FHO Super Wide Pad Rockers (standard ratio)
  • Optional Stage V Stainless Roller Rockers in 1.6 ratio (see Stage V Rockers)
  • Rocker Adjusters- Manton TF quality with ARP 12pt nuts
  • Rocker Covers-Optional OEM Style/Stage V and others in chrome, wrinkle black, polished aluminum
  • Optional Engraving offered for all aluminum covers
  • Spark Plug Tubes- FHO Spun Aluminum
  • Rocker Cover Bolts/Studs- ARP as required
Hemi Engine Block


  • Intake Manifold- Stage V Inline Single Plane- Spread Carbs
  • Carbs- 2 x 4 Edelbrock 650 Thunder Series with FHO jetting package.
  • Linkage and Brackets- FHO Stainless
  • Optional Mopar Performance Crossram with dual 770cfm Holley carbs
Hemi Engine Block


  • Water Pump Housing- CVR- Large water passages for improved cooling
  • Water Pump- Milodon High Volume
  • Thermostat Housing- FHO Billet with O-ring
  • MG 160F Thermostat
  • Distributor- MSD Billet custom built to FHO Specs. Re-curved and includes black distributor cap.
  • Distributor Bracket- P4349279
  • Wires- Black Stock Appearing Taylor 8MM w Seals
  • Optional Fire Core and MSD Wire Sets
  • MSD Blaster 2 Coil and Bracket
  • Engine is run in, dyno tested and tuned. Heads are re-torqued, valves adjusted, and first oil change performed. Timing and jetting are adjusted as required.
  • Engines are delivered with the build sheet, pictures of parts and assembly, and performance data. Dyno session video recorded and included on CD.
For Hemis Only

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