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FHO Custom Street Head

FHO Stage V Custom Head

FHO Stage V Custom Head

Now offering an improved HD cylinder head, as used on all FHO street hemi engines. These heads are an upgrade over the already excellent Stage V replacement models.

CNC machined in house, they feature the same high efficiency ports. Designed for max street/bracket race performance, and feature OEM port sizes and are compatible with all factory components.

The valve seats have been upgraded to bronze alloy, for added heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, and thermal properties very similar to aluminum, further reducing the chance of cracking.

O-ringed Intake Flange
FHO Custom HD Heads

O-Ringed Intake Flange

The thicker intake flange is machined for Viton O-rings, which eliminates the use of intake gaskets. Leak free, but also allowing for easy removal of manifolds without the mess of scraping gaskets.

Stock intake geometry is maintained. Pushrod holes are enlarged and bushed. Combustion chambers are fully polished. Bronze alloy guides are honed to size, and a full radius valve job is performed.

Assembled to specs depending on final cam choice and application. These are the most advanced street hemi heads in existence.

See our HEMI Head Machining page for more details.

Stage V Shaker and Base Plates

Shaker Baseplate

We have developed a heavy gage stamped steel base plate that allows the use of the excellent Stage V intake with Edelbrock or Carter carbs, yet retains the stock height and location of your shaker breather assembly.

This intake has been so successful, we have added hold down brackets, lids, stock appearing fuel lines and linkage/bracket kits to our lineup.

FHO2X4BP-powder coated stock appearing shaker baseplate $595

FHO Stage V UH Baseplate

FHO2X4BP-U as above for under hood breather systems. $595

FHO Stage V Lines and Linkage

FHO2X4Bracket Kit for AFB or AVS style carbs. Must specify. $85

FHOInlineFuel- OEM appearing fuel lines for Stage V spread carb inline intakes. Comes with all fittings from mechanical fuel pump, right up to and including specific carb inlet fittings. $175

FHOInlineLinkage- Complete linkage and bracket assembly with return springs for easy installation of the Stage V intake on your hemi powered vehicle. $175

FHO Stage V Underhood Breather

Chrome Dome Stage V Breather Base

This Chrome Dome breather assembly for Stage V Inline intake manifolds has been developed to allow the use of early stock appearing round breathers on the inline spread carb intakes, either Stage V or Mopar Performance.

Due to space restrictions, a stock style filter cannot be used, so the base of the breather is used for filtration.

Fits 66-68 street hemi vehicles.

Uses same accessories as above shaker bases.

FHO OEM Style Rockers

Super Wide Pad Rockers

Newly developed “wide pad” stock style rockers that are final machined at FHO for better geometry and oiling. Sold in complete sets. $900

FHO H Beam Race Rods

FHO H Beam Race Rods- 7.100” length, with .990” pin. As used in all FHO crate engines, these lightweight steel rods are designed for BBC 2.20” journals, and are available in both Chrysler and BBC widths. $600

Callies custom billet stroker hemi race crankshafts

Callies custom billet stroker hemi race crankshafts. Machined to FHO specs, these cranks feature BBC journals and widths, improved oiling, profiled counterweights, and are gun drilled to reduce weight. They are available in 4.50” right up to 5.00” strokes. Anti-leak rear seal mods. Call for details.

New HD Rocker Stands. For OEM and standard geometry heads. Lightweight design is 20% stronger than previous designs. ARP head studs included. $650

For Hemis Only

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