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HEMI Engine Block Machining

Whether the block is destined for your restoration HEMI Cuda, or the foundation of a 1300hp NSS drag car, the high level of machining is the same at FHO. From initial cleaning and inspection, sonic testing, to all major CNC machining operations, nothing is left to chance.

On top of the major machining, we do all the small things that many shops miss, like chamfering bores, main caps, breaking all sharp edges, oil galley mods, tapping etc.

Bottom line, we cover all the details to make sure you receive the absolute best in block machining. Below are just some of the details we address.

“I bought my FHO Hemi from Tim in 2015. I can drive my 69 Road Runner anywhere, on pump gas, and then go to the track and click off 10.00@134mph quarter mile runs. It idles like a family car and makes well over 750 HP. I could not be more pleased with my FHO Hemi.”
Joe Segreti - FHO 572 Street Hemi

Hemi Engine Block

HEMI Engine Block Machining Details

  • Trial fit and measure lifter bore clearance. Hone to specs. CNC machine/index/ bush lifter bores as required.
  • Pre-fit head gaskets. Machine intake valve eyebrows in standard blocks when required. Drill extra steam holes in Siamese block. Remove main caps and check for proper fit. Chamfer main bearing bores. Break sharp edges of mating surfaces.
  • Grind and de-burr complete block.
  • Check pushrod clearance in valley. Machine as required.
  • Machine oil pickup boss for stroke increases. Machine lower bores for rod clearance when required. Chamfer lower bores.
  • Machine for gear or belt drives when required.
  • Re-tap all block threaded passages. Drill and tap for rocker oiling upgrade when required. Perform oil system modifications.
  • Install and hone intermediate shaft bushing. Trial fit shaft.
  • Align hone mains. Install ARP studs when required.
  • Remove head dowels and set up block in CNC. Confirm dowels/bores in correct locations using CAD programming and digital analysis.
  • Machine and equalize decks. Break all sharp edges. Chamfer head
    bolt and oil passages. Reinstall head dowels.
  • Perform sonic test and record.
  • Optional partial fill of “Hard Block” for high hp race applications.
  • Index and bore cylinders in CNC.
  • CNC machine O-ring or receiver grooves in deck when required.
  • Install deck torque plate. Hone cylinders to size with CK-10.
  • Install cam bearings and pre fit camshaft.
  • Wash block and prepare for trial assembly.
For Hemis Only

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