KBI Dealer For Hemis Only, Inc. is currently looking for the following employees for their Clearwater, FL facility:

General Engine Machinist and Builder.  Require experienced individual for building high output street, bracket and race engines. A background and familiarity with Chrysler Hemi engines is a plus. Able to work with the latest in Rottler head and engine block machining centers, and capable of operating a 5 axis CNC.  Operator will be trained to perform testing on SuperFlow Powermark engine dyno. We will also consider lesser experienced candidates willing to work under an apprenticeship program to gain the skills required for this position. Generous wages will be offered dependent on operators skill level.

CNC Operator/Programmer. Require CNC operator for both 4 axis (block) and 5 axis (head porting) machining. Must be familiar with setting up, indexing equipment/tooling, and running programs. CAD or CNC programming experience is desirable. Wages will be determined based on level of experience.

Note: For Hemis Only, Inc.  will be operating closely with Keith Black, Inc. to produce both blocks and heads for the performance industry. We will be offering flexible working hours to accommodate employees needs whenever possible.

Please call Tim Banning directly, 727-386-5375, or email him at forhemisonly@gmail.com for enquiries.

For Hemis Only

1910 Calumet Street, Unit D
Clearwater FL 33765

FHO Order Line
(727) 386-5375