HEMI Engine Packages

FHO Electronic Fuel Injection Hemi Package

FHO has spent countless hours dyno testing various EFI packages on the market. Most proved to be quite unsatisfactory, with huge horsepower losses over our standard dual carb induction. We have since developed a hemi only EFI that is compatible with factory shaker and under hood air systems.

“I bought my FHO Hemi from Tim in 2015. I can drive my 69 Road Runner anywhere, on pump gas, and then go to the track and click off 10.00@134mph quarter mile runs. It idles like a family car and makes well over 750 HP. I could not be more pleased with my FHO Hemi.”

Joe Segreti - FHO 572 Street Hemi

Hemi Engine Block

HEMI Engine Features

  • Stage V inline single plane 2×4 aluminum intake manifold.
  • Intake CNC machined and injector bungs installed.
  • FHO CNC billet fuel rail supports.
  • FHO billet fuel rails for multi-port injection.
  • Sequential or batch fired options.
  • Fast billet 1300cfm twin throttle bodies.
  • ECU and wiring from FAST.
  • Injectors of choice.
  • Factory appearing or MSD distributor.
  • FHO has dyno tested our EFI on various hemi engines ranging in size from 500-572CI’s.
  • Hemi specific programming for your engine is included with the system. No more wasted time!
  • Install and turn the key, you are ready to go.
  • We can supply shaker or non-fresh air breather base plates for that ‘factory” look.
  • Fuel delivery systems available. Please call.
For Hemis Only

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