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HEMI Head Machining

At FHO, we built our reputation on machining hemi heads to the highest standards. Whether your heads are used, or new castings being prepped for competition, machining and tolerances are maintained at the highest level. Many head machining operations are performed in our 5 axis CNC for unmatched accuracy and repeat-ability.

Our final seat cutting/valve jobs are performed in our Rottler head system utilizing custom FHO full radius seat cutters. Durability and improved performance are assured at FHO.

Hemi Engine Block

Used Heads

  • Hot tank and magnaflux cast iron heads.
  • Jet wash aluminum heads.
  • Shot clean cast iron heads for a “like new finish”.

Hemi Engine Block

New and Used Heads

  • Check and replace guides as required. Hone bronze alloy guides and liners/fit valves to specs.
  • Install hardened seats when required.
  • Perform full radius valve job on Rottler SG9M.
  • Open up bowls and blend into port.
  • Machine all surfaces.
  • Cut guides for positive contact seals.
  • Machine valve spring seats for cups.
  • Install BHJ indexing plate and 0-ring when required.
  • Optional CNC porting service. Flow bench testing on SuperFlow SF1020.
  • Enlarge and install pushrod tubes as required.
  • CC and equalize combustion chambers.
  • Pressure Test.
  • Fully assemble heads, checking clearances as follows:
    Valve to valve, keeper to guide clearance at maximum cam lift, valve spring installed heights, coil bind, valve tip heights, machining of valve tips for lash caps when required. Test all springs pressures against specifications.
  • Supply part numbers and spec sheet for your finished heads.
For Hemis Only

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