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Street HEMI CNC Head Porting Monthly Special

HEMI Machining

FHO heads are machined on our RMC V-50HP 5 axis head porting system. We have digitized our best flowing ports, and offer heads with consistency not possible with hand porting. Our heads feature fully machined combustion chambers and ports, and are offered in multiple head designs.

These max port designs come with enlarged pushrod sleeves installed for added clearance. Optional intake flange machining for Viton O-rings, deleting the troublesome intake gaskets. Includes full radius valve job and assembly to specs.

Hemi Engine Block

HEMI Engine Options

  • Chrysler 4.50” Siamese Bore Cast Iron
  • Indy FHO Spec Aluminum with thick sleeves
  • KB FHO Custom w ½” head studs Note *when in supply*
  • HP Performance Aluminum with 6 bolt mains
  • Block Hardware-FHO Stainless
  • Cam Bearings Durabond PDP 17T Coated
  • Fuel Pump Pushrod (iron block as required) Custom FHO
  • Rear Seal-Viton
  • Rear Seal Retainer- Billet
  • Crankshaft- 528 Ohio 4.150” Stroke Forged with FHO Mods
  • 540 Ohio 4.250” Stroke Forged with FHO Mods
  • Optional Callies Magnum Forged (both employ 2.20” journal)
  • Main Bearings MS1277HG (Wide Thrust) Coated
  • Rods- 528 FHO 6.86” w ARP L19 Bolt Upgrade
    540 FHO 7.100 w ARP L19 Bolt Upgrade
  • Optional Callies Forged or Billet Rods
  • Rod Bearing 528 CB527HNDK Coated
    540 CB743HNDK Coated 2.20” BBC Journal
  • Internal Balance
  • Camshaft- Custom FHO Tight Lash Street Solid Roller.
  • Optional Cam Profiles available for increased performance depending on application/end use.
  • Above engineered with high tech lobes that are easy on valve train components. Designed for low spring rates.
  • Timing Chain – FHO Billet Roller
  • Cam Button – CompCams
  • Oil Slinger- Chrysler P5249636
  • Timing Cover – P4349816AB
  • Harmonic Damper – ATI917122E 3 Ring
  • Damper Bolt – ARP145-2503
  • Pistons – Custom CP Forged. New design. Features revised dome, high tech ring combination. 30hp gain over our previous FHO ring package.
  • Pins – CP .990” x 2.930” with double spirolox
  • Rings – Total Seal .043” Tool Steel Top/Napier 2nd