HEMI Customers

Joe Segreti

572 Street HEMI Engine

I bought my FHO Hemi from Tim in 2015. I did a lot of research on various Hemi engine builders. They all do good work but what stood out about Tim was his customer service. His patience, quality, and how he stands behind his Hemi engines sold me. The reviews I read were all true.

Tim answered every question and he was there for me when I needed help or advice. He doesn’t skimp on anything and only uses the best components. I can drive my 69 Road Runner anywhere, on pump gas, and then go to the track and click off 10.00@134mph quarter mile runs. It idles like a family car and makes well over 750 HP. I could not be more pleased with my FHO Hemi.

For Hemis Only

1910 Calumet Street, Unit D
Clearwater FL 33765

FHO Order Line
(727) 386-5375