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Neil Ferrentino

590/604 Pro Street/Bracket Race HEMI Engine

I have a 1972 Plymouth Cuda. I wanted to replicate the look of the Sox and Martin Pro Stock cars of the early 1970s. My plan was to use a Gen 2 Hemi power train. This would require upgraded components so that I could drive on the street, but still pull 8 second runs.

A friend of mine has a Hemi that was built and tuned by another top hemi engine builder. I had his car in my shop for over a month finishing some fab work on the body. And I have to say, I was disappointed with the way it ran. It constantly fouled the plugs to the point that it would not start without new ones, and it had very poor drivability. So when I called Tim for his recommendation, it was a major concern of mine.

Making a lot of power is one thing, but keeping it drivable and reliable takes someone who really knows his craft. Tim is dedicated to providing his customers with the best Hemi engine available. My Hemi runs absolutely perfect! It starts immediately every time. I have yet to put plugs in it, and it has great throttle response.

Tim was outstanding to deal with; he always took my calls and patiently answered my constant questions as we went over every detail of my build. I am a perfectionist and had a very specific goal in mind. I could not be happier with Tim’s service or my FHO Hemi! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome Hemi. Many thanks.

1000HP HEMI 72 Cuda

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